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Details Emerge In For Honor Marching Fire Trailer

The early 2017 released title from Ubisoft Montreal has been getting hit with waves of content updates and expansions since the game’s launch, and it seems more is on the way in the latest trailer for the action fighting game.

Marching Fire is the upcoming expansion coming to the fighting simulator that features a new faction with four new playable heroes when purchasing the expansion along with a new Arcade mode that features an endless amount of single player fights that either solo or in co-op will carry over your progress to the game’s multiplayer. From the Wu Lin faction each hero will carry their own unique way of fighting, these characters are:

  • Shaolin
  • Tiandi
  • Nuxia
  • Jiang Jun

As part of the approaching Marching Fire update also introduces new content for no additional charge. Such as the new  4v4 PVP Breach Mode which sets players to either seize or defend a castle to keep attackers from reaching the Lord of the fortress. Graphical enhancements will also be a given in the update giving textures more life with extra detail and emphasizing on global illumination for light to bounce off the game’s environments more realistically.

A new edition for the title has been introduced as well which includes the base game and Marching Fire for $59.99.

For Honor: Marching Fire will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 16, 2018.

Source: Ubisoft

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