Developer Sandlot Announces Earth Defense Force 6, Slated For 2021 Release In Japan

Posted on June 24, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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The Earth Defense Force series spans well over a decade of installments and related spin-offs that spawned from the creative innovations of Japanese developer Sandlot in 2005. Since then, there are now counting seven titles generated from the first game and now a new entry is underway for the series next year. Announcing Earth Defense Force 6, fans can expect the new title to arrive sometime next year.

Speaking with PlayStation Blog Japan, developer Sandlot features what comes next for the series. In it, the studio penned that following the events of Earth Defense Force 5, there was still room for more entries especially as much of the invading foes that have terrorized humanity is still at large (literally) on Earth’s surface.

2024. Humanity won the war against the unknown invaders that had lasted two years. The Primers left and silence returned to the Earth. However, the total human population was reduced to 10 percent. Civilization was on the verge of collapse. And those who survived continued to work hard towards reconstruction…

Three years later, in 2027. Humanity faced another major problem. Many of the aliens (Colonists) that the Primers had deployed into battle were left behind on Earth.

The Colonists formed groups and occupied cities to survive. They have settled on Earth. Humanity and the aliens frequently collided. And through repeated quarrels, both sides faced damages. The two races living on Earth grew tired of each other…

Reflecting on prior entries of the series, it is suspected that Earth Defense Force 6 will be another unique entry to the PlayStation platform alike 2017’s Earth Defense Force 5. As of now, neither D3 Publisher nor Sandlot has disclosed what systems the title will arrive to. The announcement post does spare that the coming new title will be releasing for Japan with a speculated western release to follow after.

Looking at the close proximity of the next-generation consoles, there is the chance that the next Earth Defense Force title will be offered for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. With the next-generation system presumed to be out by the time Earth Defense Force 6 is available, the game could be exclusive to the newer hardware, but that is too soon to determine.

Are you excited for Earth Defense Force 6?

Earth Defense Force 6 is coming sometime later on in 2021.

Source: Gematsu

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