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Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat Officially Exits China Soft Launch For Android & iOS Today

Posted on January 11, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Now with 2023 behind us, new releases are still due to arrive from Capcom this year. It is already established that both Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy & Dragon’s Dogma II is to kick off the beginning of 2024. But, what else? Well, the Japanese publisher is also preparing releases well into 2025 as well.

Looking beyond, it is confirmed that the newest Monster Hunter game is scheduled then – Monster Hunter Wilds. Additionally, there is also more on the way regarding Resident Evil. Although not entirely a new installment, it is confirmed that Capcom is still pursing more remake projects moving forward for the franchise.

This week, Capcom & NebulaJoy are here to roll out Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat. Originally available only in China, it launches today on smart phones. You can watch the trailer in the video below:

“Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is an authorized mobile game created by NebulaJoy, with the deep participation of the official team of CAPCOM Devil May Cry! The game inherits the Devil May Cry’s free, flexible, strategy skills and gorgeous, unconstrained fighting style, and at the same time, it also brings players an immersive combo experience with its industry-leading motion capture technology, which perfectly reproduces the most distinctive battles of Devil May Cry, make the experience more diverse.”

The description from the Google Play Store continues: “In order to maintain the consistent worldview of the Devil May Cry series, the game also restores the classic characters, scenes, weapons, and BOSS of the Devil May Cry series to the greatest extent, and presents the unprecedented Gothic world with the highest quality art scenes and visual effects, and witnesses the undisclosed brand new plot of the original series.”

What has you most excited for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat?

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is out now for Android & iOS.

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