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Devil May Cry V Details Leak Hours Before The Game Awards

With just hours before the California-hosted awards ceremony goes live, it seems information on an upcoming game has leaked before the official reveal later tonight.

This being for Devil May Cry V; announced back at E3 this year during Microsoft’s Press Conference the game has slowly unshelled itself as we continue to approach the game’s March release date. But this time we got the latest update for the anticipated hack-n-slash from Xbox Portugal on Facebook as they have uploaded a video prior to the event which has yet to go live yet.

In the trailer it shows off gameplay of the mysterious character V. The third playable character is seen to have his own form of Devil Trigger as shown in the early released trailer. Along with his own way of fighting using the cane he’s equipped with and in some instances summons demons to help in the fight.

Another piece of information that was leaked in the video for the March-released that will be up to download tomorrow. The demo being exclusive to Xbox as of right now since it wasn’t specified if other platforms will see the same demo. Which seems to make sense this being marketed through the platform. The fan favorite Bloody Palace will be making a return for the upcoming game and will be part of a free update which will be available in April 2019.

Devil May Cry will also be present as part of the live performance during the broadcasted show. Where host Geoff Keignley tweeted to ensure fans that Devil Trigger will be part of the live show.

Devil May Cry V is set to release on March 8, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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