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Devolver Digital Reveals That Exit The Gungeon Will Arrive To Consoles & PC Pretty Soon

Back in September, Apple began making waves with at the time soon-arriving Apple Arcade game service for all branded devices. Among pre-existing titles that were slated to arrive to the new platform a few days following the announcement, one that really open eyes of fans was the spin-off title Exit the Gungeon.

While still following the main concept of the initial game’s bullet hell formula, this installment however combines that with an ever climbing element requiring the player to scale the collapsing dungeon. Primed with familiar characters and weapons, the experience refreshes on the landmark series with new stories to tell from a new game. The only catch unfortunately was that the game would be unique to Apple’s service at launch.

But now in a recent post from the game’s official Twitter account, the game is slated to arrive to more platforms in early 2020. In celebration of the Enter the Gungeon accumulating three million sold units, the team also shared that console and PC owners can expect the game later this year.

Parallel to the initially exclusive title to Apple Arcade arriving to other hardware, the developer also disclosed that arcade cabinets for House of the Gundead are expected to arrive in the near future as well.

Now that there is confirmation on the game’s migration to newer systems, the only question left is when will they arrive. Seeing the timing of the announcement for the game aimed for “early 2020”, that gives a big release window ranging from January all the way to potentially sometime in April at the very latest. Of course, we will find out as this year continues to develop.

What system do you plan on picking up Exit the Gungeon on?

Exit the Gungeon is currently available for Apple Arcade-supported devices.

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