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DICE Launches Battlefront II: Complete Edition Today, Shares Details For The Rise Of Skywalker Update

Swedish game studio DICE this week reflects on the past two years since the initial launch of Star Wars Battlefront II. Despite the very rocky launch the game received back in Fall 2017, the game regardless received a bevy of gameplay patches and content updates to clean up the reputation the game swiftly received during its initial release. So the team has decided to release a new version of the game which includes everything that is already available.

Announcing the Battlefront II: Complete Edition will offer players all the additional content that has been added to the game since its retail launch that can be purchased with the unlockable Credits or in-game currency, Crystals. Here is the supplied rundown of what is offered in this new edition of the game:

  • Base game with all past and future free updates.
  • 150+ Appearances, including 6 Legendary Appearances.
  • 100+ Emotes.
  • 90+ Victory Poses.

However, this version of the game will still limit players to progress towards the game’s ability star cards as that can only be done through playing the game. Other hindering mentions is the exclusive appearances such as the Leia Princess of Alderaan or themed looks from 2019’s The Last Jedi as these are only unique to those who pre-ordered the game or participated in timed events. The Complete Edition is out now for $39.99, or at a discounted $24.99 for those who already own the game.

In addition to the content-heavy new version of the game, Battlefront II will also be receiving a new themed update decorated for the upcoming box office release for The Rise of Skywalker. As previously mentioned back in the August roadmap for the title, the update was scheduled to release sometime in December. For starters on what’s making waves with the approaching update is that the new jungle planet Ajan Kloss will be added to the current Co-Op mode available in the game.

The flourished world will also be introducing four new reinforcements that is divided between both the resistance and the First Order: the merciless Sith Trooper, the aerial Jet Trooper, and the Spy & Gunner species for the opposing rebels. Finn, Kylo Rin, and Rey will all be receiving new looks taken from the film as well which will be up for purchase or provided to Complete Edition owners. The update will go live on December 17, but oddly will not introduce Ajan kloss until December 20th.

Moving on into 2020 for Battlefront II, DICE reveals that the team will continue to bring more content centered towards the Sequel Trilogy next year. The interesting promise is that the game will also receive two new heroes in the coming year from the latest trilogy: BB-8 and BB-9E.

What are you most excited for with the upcoming plans for Battlefront II?

Star Wars Battlefront II is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: DICE

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