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DICE to launch Premium Friends feature for Battlefield 1

Following EA and DICE’s successful launch of Battlefield 1‘s “They Shall Not Pass” DLC featuring the French army, DICE will be implementing a feature called Premium Friends that it hopes it will keep players spread more evenly across the game’s multiple multiplayer maps.
Premium Friends will center around Battlefield 1‘s Premium Pass and some specific DLC.  With Premium Friends, when a friend has the required DLC, all players in the party will apparently be “Premium Enabled” and have access to the all the maps, regardless of whether or not they own the relevant content.  From there, only Premium Pass or specific DLC owners will earn XP while playing those maps.  However, DICE notes that the XP that non-Premium players earn in those maps will be stored and then granted, should the player choose to purchase.
The feature will roll out for a public test run during Battlefield’s Battlefest event, which begins on March 30.  DICE and EA are looking for feedback on the feature, so players are encouraged to give it a try during Battlefest.  If we learn more prior to the event, or if Premium Friends changes before a full public rollout, we’ll keep you updated.  Until then, be sure to stay tuned to Rectify Gaming for the latest.
Source: Battlefield Blog
Via: Gamezone

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