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Diddy Kong & Pauline are joining the roster in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Posted on September 14, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Nintendo Direct featured updates on what’s to come in games that are already released and one of those games were Mario Strikers: Battle League. Diddy Kong and Pauline are both joining the games roster.

Diddy Kong had already been in Mario Strikers in the past and we knew there was a chance he would eventually come to Battle League and here he is.

“Tackle rivals as the physical powerhouse Pauline or dazzle ’em with Diddy Kong’s high speed – plus, more gear and another stadium are being added!”

This update also contains a brand new stadium, even more gear and more importantly the new Striker Ranking. The Striker Ranking shows your individual ranking based on battle records of online matches in Quick Battle mode and most online matches in Strikers Club mode.

The ranking system in Mario Strikers: Battle League is what was missed maybe the most when the game launched. That is because it will give players more of a reason to continue to play the game so they can have a better ranking between their friends, etc.

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