Digital Cybercherries’ Console Debut With Hypercharge: Unboxed Already Sold More Than 100,000 Copies

Posted on July 9, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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While Xbox is not short of shooters, diversifying the genre is essential to bring new experiences to the platform. And with the arrival of Hypercharge: Unboxed, players can continue to indulge in this variety with a new flavor. The new release from Digital Cybercherries offers an online experience with a literal toybox of ways to play.

Releasing back in late May this spring, Hypercharge: Unboxed has officially sold more than 100,000 units on Xbox. This is especially notable for the game studio as it is the first console release for the developer. Previously, the team shipped virtual reality title New Retro Arcade: Neon on Steam previously.

Recently, the developer celebrated the milestone with Xbox Wire revealing the team is ‘just getting started’. Speaking to the developer on this achievement, creative gameplay & marketing director Joe Henson expresses the response to Hypercharge: Unboxed to be “overwhelmed with emotions.”

To have poured our hearts into this project and to see it embraced so warmly by our players is incredibly fulfilling. We now have the ability to allocate a decent budget towards marketing and invest in areas of the game that we previously couldn’t afford to enhance. Additionally, the support from Xbox has been phenomenal, helping us get the game in front of as many players as possible. Their support has been invaluable, and we are truly grateful for it.

“This kind of nostalgic gameplay really resonates with Xbox players, plus the inclusion of split-screen play enhances that old-school feel,” Henson explains for the decision on the direction for the gameplay. “While brainstorming ideas for our first game, someone mentioned ‘Small Soldiers’ and a lightbulb went off. We couldn’t believe we’d almost forgotten such a pivotal film from our childhoods! We watched it there and then, and were mesmerized by the animations, the whimsical story, and how it made action figures feel alive.”

He also says an ‘Endless Game Mode’ to test your skills against waves an enemies is in the pipeline with the next update already in full swing. “e Xbox community has provided a wealth of positive feedback, which has been invaluable. We already have our next update planned, but with the excitement and support we’ve received, who knows, there might even be a Hypercharge 2 in the future!”

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Hypercharge: Unboxed is out now for Xbox Series X|S & PC.

Source: Xbox Wire

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