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Discord Game Streaming, Voice Reporting, Improved Pairing Feature, And More In September 2023 Xbox System Update

Posted on September 6, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Among the waves of features rolling out for Xbox, Microsoft continues to find new innovations to deliver to the Xbox consoles. Previously, it was revealed that a new voice reporting feature would be coming. Part of the Xbox Insider Ring, users can sample a 30-second recording and use it to submit for harassment or other malicious intent.

Additionally, the platform is to also evolve with a new feature from Discord. In that, alike on PC users can game stream directly from Xbox to a respected Discord server. And on the topic of PC, OneDrive is also facing a new update. In that, users can soon auto-upload capture content to OneDrive without manually transferring select videos or images.

Now this week, the update officially rolls out for mentioned features and even more. The most exciting is Discord Game Streaming so you can share your experience with users via console and voice reporting tool.

This update is bringing you the highly requested ability to stream your Xbox gameplay to your Discord friends! Additionally, we are updating the variable refresh rate for Xbox Series X|S consoles, giving you new places to view and redeem Rewards, and providing new wish list notifications to track your games. We’re continuing our commitment to safety on our platform by rolling out Xbox voice reporting, which allows you to report inappropriate in-game voice chat.

Kristen Mann, Xbox Experiences Principal Group Product Manager

Among the meaty update, some features are pretty convenient to say the least. In that, users can set wish list notifications when a new release arrives, goes on sale, or hits Xbox Game Pass. Even more, there is a new Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) update that enable more options to chose which content you want the featured utilized on supported displays.

Another neat addition is sending a request to join a friends game. “Your friend will receive a notification of your request to join, and they can respond back to you with a game invite, a party invite, or a message.”  Not only that, there is a new pair override feature so players can connect devices without needing to physically press the button on the console too.

What feature has you most excited for on Xbox?

Source: Xbox Wire

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