Discord Launched New SDK To Develop Apps & Games For Its Platform

Posted on April 3, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Over the past year, Discord has truly been embraced with plenty of support coming to console. In february, the service was officially added to PlayStation 5. Not to mention the previous update that also came to Xbox months before. On the Microsoft console it went a step further. In that, users could sample the game streaming feature that was already supported on PC.

Now with its next big innovation, Discord announced a new SDK for its platform is available enabling users to developer apps & games for users to engage in within Discord. As or March 18th, the ‘Embedded App SDK’ arrived opening up to Discord Developers to work on projects that frame alongside iframe Activities already on the platform.

“Explained plainly, the Embedded App SDK lets you build apps that are embedded in an iframe within Discord, i.e. the Activities you know and love today. Long story short, Discord Developers like you create amazing Apps on Discord, whether they’re helping in your conversations, or rich interactive experiences that you and your friends can play instantly within Discord.”

We want Discord to grow into the best place for developers to do it all: build, share, distribute, be discovered, and monetize their work. We want Discord to be where your App gets its start, where it finds a home in the communities of people around the world, and where it can be easily shared between friends.

“Whether you’re building a traditional text-based App that you’re used to or a new Activity that people can play, you’re still developing directly within Discord. And it’s up to you and your dev team to decide how it takes shape!” the blog post adds. It also shares that plans for the SDK to be applicable to other means like direct messages as well as  group chats.

“You ever see a cool App in a Discord server and think to yourself: ‘gee, I wish I could use that App and its commands outside of just servers.’ Well, soon you’ll be able to! We want it to be easier for users to access apps, so we’re experimenting with a way for users to add apps to their accounts to use in spaces they’re in across Discord.”

Similarly, this approach was established by the Xbox One predating just a decade ago with its Snap feature. While short lived, you could multitask with apps like Skype as well as a select number of games. It has since been removed. You can read the full report by heading here.

What is your thoughts on this new update for Discord?

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