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Disney is shutting down its Infinity video game line.

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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BREAKING NEWS: It has been announced that Disney will be shutting down its video game line, Takes $147 million charge. It has been reported via a tweet from Ben Fritz:

John Blackburn, senior vice president and general manager of the Disney Infinity franchise, said that there would be two final releases from the line.

“The company has been completely behind Disney Infinity. If you look at all of the creative content coming out this year, you can see they are still proud and still 100 percent behind us”.
“Disney Infinity will support all of the major events and theatrical releases at Walt Disney in 2016,” Vignocchi said. “This year we will release four new playsets, each introducing unique gameplay for the platform. Each of the playsets will represent new content from our core properties.”

It also looks like Disney will not be self-publishing games anymore.
Disney Infinity almost seemed popular with its well known figures that started a trend and now Amiibo has taken over that category. These Disney Infinity figures are going to go up in value once they stop production.

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