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DLC Characters For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Already Decided

Last week we witnessed the last wave of information regarding the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title as we got countless details that was revealed in the 45 minute presentation. As many were interested with the choice of characters that will be added to the game’s large roster, many are eager to see what’s to come as DLC after the December release.

Recently Masahiro Sakurai has announced on Twitter that the upcoming line-up has already been decided by Nintendo.

The tweets made come off as a surprise since the Smash Bros. creator doesn’t usually post in English. Meaning that the two tweets are an official statement not only from him, but from Nintendo as well. As the first was posted in both English and native Japanese, the second was on tweeted in English. Which you can interpret that it’s personally from Sakurai as he asks to “refrain from flooding us” with character begging being the topic of conversation.

As we are already aware of Piranha Plant joining the roster after launch, what comes next is all in the air for what the company has planned in the near future. For those who will have any predictions on what characters will be joining the fight next is as good as any knowing Nintendo’s track record with additional content.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a launch date for December 7, 2018 exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

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