Dota2 Is More Than a Game and More Than an Esport

Posted on February 10, 2018 by Ahmed Riaz

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The game Dota2 has become more than a game. In December 2021, it was played by over 430, 000 regular players and a peak in competition time of 720, 000 players in 30 days. It’s a good number in terms of reach and coverage and has been a steady game for the last 5 years and more. It is these numbers and the nature of the game that has made it a leader in terms of gamer culture and out of game offline merchandising. Dota2 is arguably more than just a game or an e-sport.

Some of the biggest prize money in any sport/e-sport or game

When the T14 in 2014 had total prize money of $10 million we all thought that this was the pinnacle of e-sports and competitive gaming. We were wrong and the 2021 Dota International prize money pool reached a total of $40 million with the winning team taking home $18.2 million. These are life changing amounts of money that have benefitted many of the top competitive Dota2 players. Their lives have indeed been drastically changed by Dota2 and many have become social media and real life, sporting celebrities. This in itself has made the game a major social phenomenon rather than just a sport or a pastime.

Dota2 has become a lifestyle

Dota2 is definitely now a lifestyle and the number of social media, chat rooms and out of game communication and entertainment around it have made the game a universal discussion point around the globe. Furthermore, there are entire industries springing up around this lifestyle. The current trend is the development of the boosting mmr dota 2 players and companies. It’s akin to providing tutoring or training, and the analysis of a gamer’s technique and skills to be able to improve them and move the player up in the rankings has become paramount in the Dota2 gaming world. This is one of the biggest tribes online and it’s growing all the time. To be good at any game practice and committed game play is required, and Dota is no different with professional and competitive gamers spending more time playing than most other online MOBA games.

It’s gone mainstream

You know that a sport or pastime is serious, when it moves from the underground niche sector to the mainstream media and entertainment pages. Dota2 has done this more successfully than any other game. It is a competitive game that is now considered a viable job and career opportunity for those who are good enough.

There are movies, merchandise and spectating opportunities like never before that are being purchased and driven by the non-gaming community. It’s not just Dota2 players and professional gamers who are interested in this sport.

Dota2 is now recognized as one of the biggest gaming and sporting phenomenons that we have ever seen. It’s bigger than just those who play the game and the teams that win international competitions.

Lastly, Dota2 has created a path towards success that many other games will try to emulate and yet very few will achieve. For a free to play game, Dota2 has shown the entire world what is possible and how an adventure and online battle game can come to dominate and define the lifestyles of so many.

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