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Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 Super Smash Bros. Day 2 Recap

Dreamhack 2018 rolls on in Atlanta with many players looking to leave a final impression at the final PGR event for Smash bros. For Wii U. On Saturday, singles pools have started and we get a preview of what our Sunday is going to look like. A tournament that is missing many familiar faces but there is plenty of talent in this years Dreamhack. TGS Locus had his losers bracket run ended by Salt one in a close set.

Esam beat samsora 3-0 to secure his spot in top 8, Fatality and Tweek battled again but tweek emerged victorious. Tweek showed how strong his gameplay remains as he advances to top 8 with his 3-0 victory. Speaking of familiar, Wrath and Dabuz was another tight set, but wrath a few mistakes that allowed Dabuz to gain the advantage and Dabuz will advance to Top 8.

Salem and Void both had small bumps heading into their matchup and Void seemed ready for the past Evo champion as he took the first set. Void seemed like his demons would come back to haunt him as went down 2-1 in sets, but he was able to overcome these witch trials and advance to top 8.

On the other side of the bracket our competitors will be fighting for to stay alive. Although wrath came up short against Dabuz, he came back strong against dekillsage to secure a spot for sunday. In a interesting pattern top players from last years Dreamhack these top players showed their resilience and beat their opponents 3-1, punching their ticket to championship Sunday. DarkWizzy, Samsora, and Liquid MVG Salem will be joining Wrath in tomorrow’s Loser’s bracket for Super smash bros for Wii. U at DreamHack Atlanta.

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