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DreamHack Atlanta: Brawlhalla 1v1 Day 3 Recap

Posted on November 18, 2018 by Colin Ferguson

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DreamHack Atlanta came to a disappointing end for Rectify’s Lil Capped as he fell to LDZ and finished 5th at the tournament. Lil Capped started very strong as he defeated SSG noeL’s Asuri 3-1. The match started off with a scare as noeL dominated Lil Capped in Game 1 as he was able to take a quick first stock from Lil Capped. That would be the only time noeL would garner momentum as Lil Capped woke up and never let Asuri breathe in the next three games.

Lil Capped with a strong edge-guard to end the game.

Lil Capped’s match vs. LDZ started off very promising as he seemed to be able to adjust to LDZ’s blaster range earlier than expected. He took Game 1 by barraging LDZ with weapon tosses and keeping him guessing. He finished the game with a dominant two stock. Unfortunately, that would be the only game Lil Capped would win, but not without putting up a fight. Overall, it was a fantastic outing for Lil Capped and went extremely far against the best of the best. Lil Capped has and always will be a consistent threat in Brawlhalla.

Lil Capped makes a statement!

Though Lil Capped made a great run, it was Sandstorm who stole the show in singles. He seemed to be in complete dominance of everyone at the tournament as he never once lost a set. Sandstorm is very new to the Brawlhalla scene compared to his peers, but it didn’t seem to really matter. Sandstorm was able to win despite going to his very first tourney this earlier year and this being his first LAN tourney. Sandstorm won in stylish fashion as he defeated the #1 player in the world in Boomie in a nail-biting set. He went 27-3 overall in games and took home the gold. It was overall a thrilling tournament to watch and the future is very bright for Brawlhalla.

Sandstorm takes 1st at DreamHack Atlanta!

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