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DreamHack Atlanta: Brawlhalla Day 2 Recap

Posted on November 18, 2018 by Colin Ferguson

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Day 2 was full of excitement for Rectify as Lil Capped blitzed through to Top 8 and will play on Championship Sunday. It seemed almost too easy for him as he wound up sweeping his pool without dropping a game and ended up going 12-0 until a loss to VipR3 in Winners Round 2. Still, Lil Capped was able to take the set 3-1 until losing to Sandstorm 3-1 in the following set.

Lil Capped Hammer Slam Clip!

Lil Capped was then faced with heartache as he was matched up against friend and teammate Phazon for entry into Top 8. It was a win or go home situation for the two and the set lived up to expectations of teammates. Lil Capped stayed with his tried and true Bodvar while Phazon played with a combination of Nix, Diana, and Lucien. The final game count belied the nature of the matches as every match came down to the wire.

Lil Capped seemed to be in complete control for the first couple of games as Phazon’s Nix and Diana had trouble against Lil Capped, who was able to use both his hammer and sword to put a ton of damage and pressure on Phazon. It was in Game 3 where Phazon sprang to life with his Lucien pick. His katar play along with overwhelming blaster pressure seemed to be turning the tide for Phazon and had a resounding win. The tension was very high going into Game 4, yet it was Lil Capped who stayed focused and even with a few movement flubs and wasted kill opportunities was able to take the set.

Lil Capped Makes Top 8!

Lil Capped will be playing Top 8 tomorrow starting against SSG noeL. You can see the bracket here and the stream will be at DataFGC.

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