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DreamHack Atlanta Brawlhalla Preview: RCG’s Lil Capped

In the platform fighting scene, Brawlhalla has quickly ascended the ranks as a must watch game with a unique take on the genre with spawning weapons and Mega Man X-esque wall-jumping. Brawlhalla has also garnered a lot of excitement with Rayman being added along with Shovel Knight skins for the current cast. With DreamHack Atlanta being the one of biggest Brawlhallla events since Rayman’s release, we will get to see how Rayman will be in the current meta.

Though new faces are coming, don’t think any of the older characters are going anywhere as Lil Capped’s Bodvar has been extremely consistent in recent tournaments. At the NA Brawlhalla Autumn Championship, Lil’ Capped placed 5th tying with Wrenchd. He only dropped sets to the 3rd place and 1st place winners in Boomie and STTP Wilson. At one point, Lil Capped was ranked 3rd in the Global Rankings for Brawlhalla. Despite his current placing at 17th, Lil Capped has solidified himself as a top threat on any given day.

In 2v2, Lil Capped along with his main partner, Phazon, have had similar success. Lil Capped and Phazon are coming off a 4th place finish at the NA Brawlhalla Autumn Championship. They looked extremely dominant and lost sets to the 3rd and 2nd place teams. Lil Capped and Phazon have been consistent teammates in Brawlhalla and their recent success has proven to the world that they are of the best teams in Brawlhalla. They will look to continue their success this weekend as DreamHack Atlanta will be rife some of the best talent in the nation.

You can see the 2v2 bracket here and you can find the 1v1 bracket here to track Lil Capped and Phazon’s progress.

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