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DreamHack Atlanta Day 1 Brawlhalla Recap

Posted on November 17, 2018 by Colin Ferguson

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The first day of DreamHack came to a disappointing close as Rectify’s own Lil Capped and Phazon fell short of their intended goal. The duo went into Friday expecting a 1st place finish among their competitors. As valiantly as they fought, it wasn’t meant to be after a very impressive and dominant Loser’s bracket run.

Lil’ Capped and Phazon went into the day being one of the highest seeds in the tournament. In their pool, they were extremely impressive going 14-1 at the beginning of the tournament. They ran into the higher seed in their pool in Sandstorm and Ethan and unfortunately fell 2-1 in the set. This seemed to be no more than a mere distraction as they still qualified to make it into Top 16 after a record of 15-3.

Lil Capped strategizing with Phazon.

The two players started off extremely hot, as they didn’t drop a game in their next two sets. Phazon’s ability to dominate and put extreme pressure on his opponents combined with Lil Capped’s solid and consistent play carried them through the day. In the match with Cosolix and Midget, they never let their opponent breathe let alone get anywhere close to a lead. During the set, Cosolix and Midget strategized and seemed to have figured something out…or so they thought. Immediately, Phazon and Lil Capped each took a stock off their two opponents. The same could be said for Hermisen and Goosey.

It wasn’t until they went against Diakou and Dobrein that they had met their match. Team Lil Phazon fell short losing three games to one. Despite the result, it is clear Phazon and Lil Capped are a strong team and can beat anyone on any given day. Look forward to the future as their dominance continues to show in every game and every set.


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