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DreamHack Atlanta Day 1 Smash 4 Recap

The first of three days at DreamHack Atlanta has come to a close as Smash 4 2v2s took center stage. The competition for doubles was stacked as some PGR (Panda Global Ranked) players unexpectedly joined forces and made for a very interesting double tournament. Panda Global’s ESAM’s Pikachu usually teams with fellow Panda MVD, but opted to play with YP’s Fatality and his Falcon for doubles in the wake of MVD’s absence.

Tweek also joined up with Karna, a Texas Sheik player who just narrowly missed the Top 50 on the PGR. Surprisingly, Tweek played plenty of Lucina and shyed away from his usual Bayonetta or Cloud pick.

We also witnessed the return of CaptainZack’s Bayonetta, the character that he is most known for and took him so far. CaptainZack had previously wrote off playing Bayonetta due to the constant backlash from the Smash community. Liquid’s Salem and Dark Wizzy also brought many surprises with it as Salem opted to use several characters including Bayonetta, Greninja, and Lucina to play in doubles.

In the end, Salem and Dark Wizzy took home the trophy from CaptainZack and Samsora. It was an exciting Grand Finals bout as Captain Samsora took Dark Salem to a reset of the bracket after coming back from Loser’s. Salem and Wizzy made the adjustment though and took a 3-1 victory home in style.

WonderBread and Ryo strategizing at DreamHack.

What was most encouraging throughout was the play of Recitfy’s own WonderBread and his mentor/doubles partner in Ryo. The two made a fantastic losers run in their bracket after dropping a set in pools to the 2nd place winner in CaptainZack and Samsora. They rallied and beat a tough double-Bayonetta team of MuteAce and Wrath to advance to Loser’s Top 6. Unfortunately, the run met it’s demise at the hands of Tweek and Karna and placed 5th. Despite the loss, the team combo of Little Mac and Ike is not one that is seen often. Getting as far as they did is a feat within itself and goes to show both players will be very competitive when Smash Ultimate arrives.


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