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DreamHack Atlanta Smash 4 Preview: Rectify’s WonderBread

As Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is riding off into the sunset, DreamHack Atlanta is on the horizon. DH Atlanta is looking to be one of the final big Smash 4 tournaments before Ultimate blows up the competitive scene. It is also an opportunity to see the last of the Smash 4 greats and the next generation of talent for Ultimate. Nearly every character from Smash 4 has been buffed, new characters are coming, and every previous character being brought back makes the race for #1 completely up in the air. With that being said, Rectify Gaming’s own WonderBread is looking to make a name for himself in both Smash 4 and Ultimate this weekend.

Coming off a great run ending up at 3rd at GatorLAN and beating two personal demons, WonderBread has been playing some of his best Smash as of late. With Little Mac by his side and Lucina in his back pocket, WonderBread’s patient boxer style and consistent punish game has us excited for what is in store for him this weekend.

WonderBread will have a very tough bracket ahead of him as CaptainZack, one of the best players in the country, is the top seed of his pool. WonderBread will start his bracket off against a player by the name of Goodfeel, a South Carolina Pikachu main. This is an especially difficult matchup for Little Mac as Pikachu’s off-stage game is pure kryptonite to Little Mac’s poor off-stage recovery. However, WonderBread has plenty of experience in the matchup and has beaten Rideae, who is widely considered one of the top Pikachus in the country.

CaptainZack at Genesis 4. Photo credit to Robert Paul.

WonderBread might have to fight the likes of Luigi, ZSS, Falco, Marth and Greninja in order to advance to play CaptainZack. All these characters have plenty of ways to deal with an offstage Little Mac, though Lucina will be a tougher out for those characters. WonderBread will still be favored to play CaptainZack and could potentially cause an upset. As good as CaptainZack is, he has been playing less Bayonetta in favor of Peach and Wii Fit Trainer. These matchups favor WonderBread a little better as Bayonetta is one of Mac’s toughest matchups.

WonderBread has a huge chance to make Top 48 in a very stacked tournament with the likes of Tweek, Dabuz, and Liquid’s Salem being in attendance. A good performance for WonderBread would be great momentum going into Smash Ultimate. With the new movement mechanics and Little Mac having a better recovery, look for WonderBread to come up big as one of the best players coming this next year.

You can look at WonderBread’s bracket here and you can follow the DreamHack stream on Twitch.

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