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Dying Light 2 Announced To Be At Square Enix’s Press Conference

To add on to the list of games that will be present at this year’s Square Enix press conference, developer Techland, the studio behind the first two Dead Island titles and the more recent Dying Light has announced that the follow-up to their 2015 parkour-centered, zombie killing title will be at the conference later this month.

Revealed on Twitter, the Polish developer shared that Square Enix will be publishing Dying Light 2 for the West with more to be revealed at the approaching event.

This will most likely be the second press conference the upcoming sequel will be showcased at next to Microsoft’s since the title is marketed through the platform as we’ve witnessed last year. Depending on what will be revealed, it is expected an more in-depth gameplay demo will be presented at Square Enix’s show and possibly even a release window for the title.

Just last week, it discovered through an interview with Techland CFO Pawel Rohleder that the upcoming sequel does not have any plans for a port to the Nintendo Switch. Due to the inability to bring the title to the console/handheld hybrid platform in result from the new engine, Rohleder shared that there is a surprise planned later in 2019 for the Switch.

Are you excited to see what’s new for Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 currently has no confirmed release date.

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