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Dying Light 2 Announced

Another unexpected title from the team at Techland is the sequel to their parkour, zombie adventure Dying Light. Recently rumored, but now a reality showcasing the game’s world and what new elements have been added to the game.
Firstly, the parkour mechanic has been touched up. Looking more fluid than the first and adding more techniques to the game. Like wall running as seen in the announcement trailer, swinging and jump rolls as a alternative to vaulting obstacles.
The location for Dying Light 2 isn’t really clear yet, but it seems to be a more urban area than Istanbul-based Harran. And for how you play your game, your decision will determine the outcome for the world. With over several decisions throughout the course of the game’s story, each players experience will be unique in it’s own way and will bring different outcomes to the people around you. Seen in the demo of the choices, how you determine to deal with the new faction the Peace Keepers, with water in the city will not only visually change the city, but also the people around will be affected differently also.
And the iconic night time will as well be affected by this new feature too. Not much has been shown yet on what will happen when the sun goes down, but it’s easy to assume the game will be more menacing than the first.
Dying Light 2 will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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