E3 2017 – Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle Officially Revealed at Ubisoft Conference

Posted on June 12, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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Finally, after all the rumors the Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle game was officially revealed at Ubisoft E3 conference in Los Angeles.
Revealed live on stage, Ubisoft CEO Ives Guillemot brought out Nintendo President Miyamoto San and the two held up some amazing looking weapons from the game itself. There was a live demonstration with gameplay trailer on stage, and the crowd could not have been more hyped up. It’s available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The Rabbids have been teleported into the mushroom kingdom, which has made everything chaotic, and Mario needs to save the day.
Rabbids dressed up like Peach, Luigi etc is an amazing look . The game looks like nothing a Mario game has ever been before, and it looks absolutely incredible. It is a turn based tactical advantage game, where battles will pop up randomly as you explore You will have a zone to move freely in as well as attacking enemies. You can take cover, but so can your enemies, and you can attack through cover.
There is surprisingly a large strategic element to the game, which allows you to unlock more tactic tools, combos, more heroes, weapons etc as your progress and level up. It’s all to settle the kingdom and restore the mushroom kingdom to normality. There will be amiibo figures as well which you can get from the store. Game will release August 29th on Nintendo Switch

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