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E3 2017 – Project Cars 2 Is One Step Further From The First

Project Cars released in 2015 bringing a new way of racing compared to Forza and Gran Turismo with the option by giving the player access to all tracks and vehicles at the start with no need of a progression system. And now after getting a look at Project Cars 2 at the Bandai Namco Booth this E3, the same mechanic is returning with greater enhancements for all elements of the game.
Slightly Mad Studios is bringing a new way of driving with over 180 cars, more than double from the first game and now including more known brands such as Porsche & Lamborghini, and old favorites like IndyCar & Rallycross. With more precise tire grip, upgraded visuals, redefined car physics, and revamped slip physics bringing a more authentic racing experience to all players of different skill levels to experience. And with more than 60 tracks, the most for any console-racing game ever, giving players a handful of options to play by at any time.
Not only do cars get a major improvement, but tracks do as well. Using LiveTrack 3.0 to create more realistic elements for tracks affecting tire grip and handling. 24-hour day-to- night cycles recreating seasonal atmospheric conditions on the track. And introducing new weather elements like ice, tarmac and dirt tracks. As seen in the demo shown, rain can build up on tracks as the duration of it continues forming puddles bigger after every lap.
If looking for more traditional gameplay, Project Cars 2 is bringing a career mode to the game. Starting from kart racing and climbing the ranks to later advancing to the more prestigious brands, given the choice to choose between 9 different disciplines to race one or more seasons for. Or you can begin by picking a more specific motorsport discipline. And play against friends online with new championships, including e-sport like functionalities to compete more formally.
Project Cars 2 will be available on September 22nd for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam. And for the more optimized Xbox One X, Playstation 4 Pro and VR.

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