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E3 2018: Hands on impressions of Jump Force

Of all the fantastic announcements at the Xbox Keynote, I marked out pretty hard for Jump Force.  And to be honest, I don’t know why! I’m not an anime fan!  The only anime I have watched in its entirety is Cowboy Bebop.  Sure, I know some basic characters, but not many details.
I know enough to understand that these characters together in a game is pretty awesome.  Characters from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and One Piece (had to look that one up). And with the surprise Death Note characters, we can expect plenty of characters to appear when the game launches next year.  So what’s the gameplay like?

The trailer gave me Super Smash vibes.  But that’s not even close. Jump Force is a 3×3 fighting game with some similar aspects to the Marvel vs. Capcom series.  Your team of three will fight individually or with team combos/ultras. You can sway between the three members of the team.  In the demo, you win when one team member runs out of health. I don’t know is this will be reflected in the final version of the game, and I have a feeling it won’t.
In my fight, I attempted various attacks and combos.  The demo was made specifically with a lower difficulty AI so you could get a grasp of the controls and gameplay.  The move set was pretty easy to grasp, and I quickly learned how to switch characters and do light and heavy attacks.  The combat was very quick and smooth. I wish I could have fought against someone to get a true feel about the character balance.  But as it, the combat is great and very exciting.

The demo featured two maps, and I decided to play the Times Square level.  I was very impressed by the size of the map. It’s a realized 3D map that you can run around and battle in.  Some attacks are very powerful and can project your opponent clear across the map. The ability to run and battle all over may be my favorite part of the demo.
It remains to be seen if Jump Force can reach its full fighting game potential.  As I already mentioned, my demo was against a weak AI, and I’m sure that will be tweaked before the game is launched.  I’m sure the maps will be varied and a blast to play. The question remains – who will be added to the game and how will the team address potential balancing issues?  There’s plenty of time before 2019, so the team can take it’s time with balancing and finding the perfect characters to add. There is a lot to look forward to, and I’m excited to follow Jump Force and see future news and announcements before it inevitably launches.  

Guest Writer Ryan Welch represented Rectify Gaming at the Xbox Media Showcase on Sunday, June 10th. 

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