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E3 2019: CrossFireX Announced To Come First To Xbox One

Posted on June 10, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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It seems that Remedy Entertainment has made it back to the Microsoft stage this year for E3 alongside South Korean developer Smilegate to bring the next installment for the tactical, first-person shooter with CrossfireX.

Back in early 2018, Remedy Entertainment in the financial report for the year prior revealed that the Finnish Studio has three projects in development, P7 which was later revealed to be Control which is dropping later this August and another unnamed title. The last being Crossfire 2, but now we know the title has jumped to dropped the numeral for X.

The Crossfire series is known as a definitive title for its realistic gunplay and varying arsenal of weapons. The description reads that the coming title despite the previous being a major hit on PC will be coming first to Xbox One. But the title will most likely be exclusive to Microsoft’s hardware for a short time before dropping on PC in the following future.

Atop of the title’s release aimed for next year, there is a likely chance we might also see the title come to the newly announced next-gen platform Project Scarlett the same time it releases or later down the line before PC.

CrossfireX will be available sometime next year in 2020.

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