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E3 2019: Konami Announces Contra: Rogue Corps For September Launch, Contra Anniversary Out Now

One reveal that many might not have guessed from Nintendo’s recently livestreamed Direct presentation is a new Contra title which is aimed to drop later this Fall. Announcing Contra: Rogue Corps, the title takes place two years after the Alien Wars as the Damned City has emerged from the ground.

Those who came from within the madness that lives in the battlegrounds from the war make up the Rogue Corps, which is comprised of: Kaiser, Hungry Beast, Ms. Harakiri, Gentleman, and Aero Captain. Though it is uncertain why they are their either for the sake of the human race or simply for the treasures buried in the city, the team of scoundrels are the last hope for humanity.

Pre-order bonuses for the title have gone up following the title’s reveal, detailing that those who pay ahead will receive three exclusive items for picking up the game at launch. As part of the Lock and Loaded Edition: Day One Edition bonus content, fans will receive: two Hungry Beats t-shirt cosmetics and an “Inside the Box – Tom duBois art” which has yet to be presented for people who might consider pre-ordering.

Though the game will be dropping in a few months, rest assured as Konami has officially launched the Contra Anniversary Collection to keep players busy in the meantime. You can view the full list of titles for the Contra bundle here.

Contra: Rogue Corps will be available on September 24, 2019 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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