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E3 2019: No More Heroes III Announced For 2020 Release

Early Sunday morning Goichi Suda tweeted an image with heavy reference towards the No More Heroes series paired with a caption announcing that fans could should keep their eye out at this week’s approaching E3 for more related to the image. And for those who payed attention at this year’s Nintendo E3 Direct are aware that No More Heroes III is now officially in development.

Protagonist Travis Touchdown is back and ready to take on his next challenge as one of the few heroes left for humanity. The description for the title reads: Travis Touchdown returns to Santa Destroy after a ten-year absence. There he finds a huge artificial island metropolis floating in the sea, and a mysterious flying object hovering high above. Who really is the deadly killer Travis must face off against this time?!”

Word on what new gameplay feature will be present in the upcoming title was not detailed with the game’s announcement. It is shared that No More heroes will be available for Nintendo Switch next year. Seeing that the recent spin-off Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PC in the coming months, we could expect the same platforms to receive version for the new title in the future.

Are you ready to play Travis Touchdown for the highly anticipated third installment?

No More Heroes III is currently listed for Nintendo Switch for a 2020 release.

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