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E3 2019: Racing Sim Circuit Supercars Dropping Next Year

Alongside major AAA projects like Final Fantasy VII Remake being revealed to drop later in March of next year, Square Enix also announced a new title from Original Fire Games at the publisher’s titular press conference, introducing Circuit Supercars.

The top-down racing sim expands on what the industry defines with racing titles by covering all eras of circuit racing from the 1960s with single-seated machines to the modern age GT supercars.

The description for the game reads that the title “offers a unique mix of top-down arcade accessibility with the authenticity of motorsport sims.” Don’t be fooled by the smooth and easy on the eyes graphics that Original Fire is using for the game as the driving mechanics to control the cars are back with realistic & responsive physics that players will need time to properly master.

What are your thoughts on the unique roster of choices for Circuit Supercars?

Circuit Supercars will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in next year 2020.

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