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E3 2019: Rage 2 New Content And Upcoming Expansion Revealed

Avalanche Studios and id Software’s shared project Rage 2 released just almost a month ago this May and the developers already have more content planned to drop in the coming weeks for the open-world, post-apocalyptic title. Revealed at this year’s Bethesda Showcase revealed that more than a handful of new vehicles, characters, and weapons will be making their way into the game.

Revealed through the format of a mid-90s sitcom television show, id Software revealed that the newly announced content will ship weekly packages of new things for players to use interact with throughout the course of July.

Here is everything that will be coming next month as part of the free content drop:

  • New cheat codes – bloody mess, low gravity, rejector seat.
  • Skull motorcycle.
  • Armadillo vehicle.
  • “Ghost” motorcycle.
  • “Boom Bringer” portable mech.
  • Global Warming dynamic event which inflicts a giant sand worm unto the wastes.
  • Bug Swarm dynamic event that attracts a swarm of flying insects on the world.

Following with a more grimacing reveal that teases the upcoming ‘Rise of the Ghosts’ expansion that will be coming later this year. The new story DLC is said to introduce a new faction, region to explore, and a whole new questline to experience.

Avalanche and id also wanted to thank those who have already played the title and appreciate all feedback on the title since the initial launch. Adding on that the teams are working to bring more difficulty options as well as even a new game plus mode is also in their plans too.

You can read up on our review for Rage 2 here.

Rage 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Bethesda

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