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EA Cancels NBA Live 20 Fall Launch, Instead Developing For Next Gen Consoles

Dating back to this past Summer, it was revealed in Electronic Arts’ previous financial report that NBA Live 20 would instead launch later in Q3 2019 instead of the initial Q2 2019 slated release window. Prematurely announcing the game through the publisher’s quarterly monetary metric, this still left little room for the title to breathe whenever EA decided to properly announce the annual installment.

Assuming that there would be a new game for 2019, it was left to patiently wait for the game. However, it looks that the project is now out of the picture for this Fall as NBA Live 20 is not listed for q3 2019 as previously recorded. This can be witnessed in the latest Q2 financial report for the publisher.

In response to the internet quickly picking this up, EA Sports came prepared with a statement as for why the decision to halt on releasing the game this Fall season, which you can read below.

Despite the EA Tiburon’s progress in the game’s development, the team felt it was best to push off the project’s release for this year and truly focus on reinnovating the formula for the next wave of hardware ahead. “We have set our sights on creating something fresh for the next generation of players and platforms,” EA shares in the recent tweet on the topic. “We know we need to earn our future every step of the way, so we’re taking our time to get it right for our players.”

While in contrast to this year’s installment of NBA 2K20, it looks that Visual Concepts’ yearly installment also shows to fall behind compared to the previous NBA 2K19. While reception only shows to stagger behind into the 7s this year, maybe it’s time players have a chance to breathe between each release of annual sports games?

Did you plan on picking up NBA Live 20 initially?

Source: Electronic Arts


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