EA hasn't ruled out Battlefront II for Nintendo Switch

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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With Star Wars: The Last Jedi just around the corner the release of Star Wars Battlefront II is well-timed, and we can expect the FPS title to gain plenty of attention.  We all know the game will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but many think it is impossible for it to come to the Switch.
With titles like DOOM and Wolfenstein II headed to Switch it’s perhaps not unreasonable to ask if Battlefront II could make the leap as well; according to Motive Studios producer David Robillard – whose team handled the single-player campaign in the game – it’s not on the cards at present, but EA hasn’t ruled it out entirely:
“This is something we’ll explore if we see opportunities there, but it is not something that’s on the book right now.”
Many companies are starting to see the success of the Nintendo Switch and Bethesda is one of the first third party companies to really see that with now adding three games to the hybrid console in DOOM, Wolfenstein, and of course Skyrim.
We wouldn’t be shocked to see EA start putting more games on it especially more of their sports titles.

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