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EA Might Have Revealed The Name Of The Next Battlefield Hours Before World Premiere

UPDATE 2: Another leaked picture shows ‘Battlefield 1’ and a October 18 release date. This is a good sign that indeed this Battlefield will have the World War 1 setting.


UPDATE: New teaser image for the next Battlefield appears on Xbox One Dashboard.
So the EA Access account replied to a Twitter user who was asking about¬†When did BF4/BF Hardline Premium enter EA Access. The account replied saying it was a surprise to celebrate the ‘Battlefield 5’ event today where they will show off a new trailer and maybe small gameplay.
Here is the tweet:

The rumors were floating that it would be Battlefield 5 and it could obviously be or they can be just trolling all of us and go another direction with the name. Another rumor that has been going on was that this next Battlefield will take place in the World War setting. You can read more about that here.
What are your thoughts?

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