EA Motive Is Working On A New Game, But Denounces Claims Of Being A New Star Wars Title

Posted on November 5, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Just this past month in October, developer EA Motive officially shipped Star Wars Squadrons. While a basic flight commando release at the foundation, the game does show to be a love letter to fans of the classic 1993 X-Wing or 1998 Rogue Squadron 3D looking for a new fix. But despite the enthusiastic release from many, the game does not look to be making much of an impression during its post-launch.

Speaking with UploadVR previously, EA Motive shared that any post-launch add-ons or expansions are not part of the plan for Star Wars Squadrons. The studio feels that game does not require additional content as EA Motive pledges not to treat the game as a live service. Which leaves room to suggest the firm is working on a new game. Following that, claims began to surface reporting the Montreal team is busy with a new Star Wars project.

But the claims only being based on speculation, the developer came to the surface to disclose the reports to be inaccurate. However, the studio does share there is a game underway, but not a part of the Star Wars franchise.

The news certainly come as a surprise when referencing the studio’s development library. Only two projects both within the Star Wars plethora, it does conjure what the firm could be underway with now. It was reported until January 2019 that the codenamed Ragtag Star Wars game would be no longer from EA Motive. The title then was framed to be an open-world experience which was birthed from inspiration of the previously canned Star Wars 1313.

For certain, this also does look to show less likeliness of another rumored Star Wars game currently being spoken of through the grapevine – Star Wars: Force Unleashed 3. Recently, claims circulated suggesting the game is in active development after a decade long hiatus since the sequel. But now EA Motive sharing not to be involved with any Star Wars-related projects, this draws the question to the legitimacy of the rumor. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you hope to see come from EA Motive next?

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