EA Reveals New Need For Speed & Battlefield Games Scheduled To Release As Early As Holiday 2021

Posted on November 6, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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As for publisher Electronic Arts on the matters on next-generation gaming, the firm is currently preparing its currently-released properties for next-generation optimizations. So games like Apex Legends and Star Wars Squadrons are among the handful that will play to the liking of its users on the newer systems. However, there is more to be underway from the internal teams at the firm.

For instance, developer DICE is preparing to ship the next Battlefield installment within the next year. In a previous financial report, Electronic Arts solidified the next entry to be shipped sometime in 2021 – emphasizing on newer consoles to really sell the game. The developer has proven to be dialing down on development for the game as it concluded its post-launch content campaigns for both Battlefield V & Star Wars Battlefront II.

Now in the latest financial report submitted for Electronic Arts in anticipation for the coming fiscal year, the firm shares that the next Battlefield alongside the reported Need for Speed entry from Criterion Games is set to ship in fiscal year 2022.

We plan to launch at least six new games on the next-gen consoles in FY22. These will include a new Need for Speed game that is bringing some astounding visual leaps, developed by the Criterion team, who have launched some of the most highly-rated games in franchise history. DICE is creating our next Battlefield game with never-before-seen scale.

The technical advancements of the new consoles are allowing the team to deliver on a true next-gen vision for the franchise. We have hands-on play testing underway internally, and the team’s been getting very positive feedback on the game as we’ve begun to engage our community. The next Battlefield is set to launch in holiday 2021, and we are excited to share a lot more about the game in the spring.

Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts CEO

It is no secret that Battlefield was being propped for a 2021 release as we previously mentioned. But for the next Need for Speed game aimed for a 2022 launch – now that is worth noting. Earlier this year, Criterion Games did reference development starting for the next installment. But the team just reacquiring the helm to the franchise, it was uncertain when to anticipate the title’s release.

Currently, Criterion Games shipped Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered today. The game is expected to hit Nintendo Switch next week on November 11. You can read the full report for the game by heading here.

Which title are you most excited to see arrive of the two?

Source: Electronic Arts

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