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EA says that Battlefield remasters could come, if the fans want it

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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EA isn’t known to “re-make” their games and for a reason. Since the announcement of Battlefield 1 early this month, the studio would seem to have all their focus on completing the development of the game, but in a interview with EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Soderlund, he says that its a possibility.
“I wouldn’t say never. We’re not doing it right now, we’re focused on Battlefield 1 – but if we think the fans want that I see no reason we couldn’t.”
In relation, Treyarch’s COD Black Ops is now backwards compatible with the Xbox One (which isn’t a remake). More than 60,000 players have logged in to play. If EA decides to remake a battlefield game, I think that it would be almost or as popular as a COD game being remastered. It does not that will happen though, as all the attention is on the new Battlefield game. It would be a nice addition to keep players busy, but maybe later we will get one.

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