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EA will be revealing the next Battlefield title on May 23rd

UPDATE: EA have finally officially revealed that the next Battlefield title will be ‘Battlefield V’ and you can watch it on May 23rd on Youtube, Twitch, or even Mixer. 
The website reads:
“The next chapter of EA DICE’s groundbreaking all-out war saga is Battlefield V.
Tune in on May 23 for a first look into how your epic journey with Battlefield V will be. On the Battlefield V Live Reveal, the team developing the game will share their vision.”
ORIGINAL: It has been pretty clear due to leaks and our exclusive post on Microsoft’s marketing rights on some 3rd party titles that a new Battlefield title is on the way this year. Well, it now looks like EA plans to reveal Battlefield V set in World War II on May 23rd due to a new website link.
If you go to it gives us just the date we said above and with #battlefield with a Facebook & Twitter icon where you can tweet out the upcoming event.
If you hit the social media buttons it’ll have you say “On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same.” and with the link to the website.
What we know about the upcoming Battlefield is that it will be set in WWII and it should be marketed by Xbox. We’ll most likely get to see gameplay and learn more about the story, etc at this event and we should expect some more information at EA Play where fans will be able to play the title as well.
Stay tuned for official news.

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