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Early Preview: Scathe (PC)

Posted on August 2, 2022 by fncwill

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Scathe is an Upcoming adrenaline-fueled, classic “Bullet Hell” FPS , from publisher Kwalee and developer Damage State . with big guns and even bigger demons. You play as Scathe, Enforcer of the legions of Hell, forged from the earth by the Divine Creator themself, and like your fallen kin before you, you must prove your worth by navigating a deviously crafted maze, entangled with demonic evil no matter what it takes.

Your task is simple; collect the three Hellstones and get to the centre of the maze ,Choose your own path by navigating different zones , each filled with danger around every corner. To get straight to the point … Get ready for bullet-hell !!! There is countless waves of deadly projectiles to dodge , where you must utilise Scathe’s incredible speed, to dash through attacks, as in most bullet hell games , because as always being on the move is the key to survival , when it comes to Bullet-Hell ! But ofcourse you still need to fight back , with Scathe’s insanely powerful arsenal of weapons, you can do just that, by Spewing hellfire with the Hot Hatch or slicing through endless evil with the buzz saw launcher, Bow Blade.

The Game feels very Doom / Painkiller: Hell & Damnation like and I can’t wait for the full release !

Scathe will support full cross-play online multiplayer where players can drop-in and drop-out at any time. You will be able to Call upon up to three friends to join the fight, However Choose your kin wisely, because in Scathe, everyone shares the same pool of lives !

Scathe will be coming to PC on 31st August with the console versions following in early 2023. 

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