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EA's Motive Studio Hires 65 Employees and teases their upcoming Star Wars game.

Posted on June 3, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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In 2015 EA’s Motive Studio was established, created by EA  and with EA employee Jade Raymond at the helm. They have been very quiet since they were founded but, Raymond has revealed that the studio has hired 65 people, and is working on a upcoming Star Wars game.
Star Wars: Battlefront was the last Star Wars game that EA has released and that was in 2015. The game has gotten good and bad reviews. We don’t exactly know what this studio is working on, there’s a chance it could be Star Wars: 1313.
Jade Raymond  teased a new IP that EA Motive was working on.  She also teased that EA Visceral, under Amy Hennig, is also working on another story-oriented Star Wars game.

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