Editorial: The Rumored Silent Hill Games Most Likely Aren’t Coming

Posted on December 7, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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The Silent Hill property ranks to be one of the most memorable franchises to date which originated predating back to the first PlayStation back in 1999. But while its sequel, Silent Hill 2, lives up to its cult status, the series as a whole has founded what is essentially the horror genre for video games as a medium. So to think that being one of the most impactful releases for the industry, the series would live forward, but we know now that is not the case.

As many can reflect from 2015, Hideo Kojima – the creative drive for the series alongside Metal Gear– announced his departure from Konami which simultaneously shelved the next Silent Hill title until the end of time. What that was happened to be Silent Hills: dubbed ‘P.T.’ from the free playable demonstration that released abruptly on the PlayStation Store at the time taught players that finished the demo a new Silent Hill is underway.

The project included the likes of Norman Reedus who would star in the next title alongside director Guillermo del Toro and manga artist Junji Ito to be involved with the game’s development. But now that Kojima was gone from Konami, the title evaporated and its remnants later materialized into what is now Death Stranding excluding Ito.

Initial visualization of Silent Hills predating the game’s cancellation.

But despite years dividing now from the initial cancellation of Silent Hills, fans are convinced a new game is secretly underway. When reflecting back to the beginning of 2020 – that is when the rumors began to surface. The claims were issued by accurate leaker @AestheticGamer1 or associated as Dusk Golem online. The user disclosed that the series would be making a comeback return with two pitched projects: a series reboot and a Telltale-like episodic title.

At the time, the games were only in discussion at Konami as relayed in the claim and the firm would be searching for studios that could effectively execute the projects. This then segues to the second report that corroborates with Dusk Golem. According to sources that spoke with Rely on Horror, the publication wrote that Sony Interactive Entertainment team Japan Studio developers that form Project Siren are involved to some capacity.

In that, Keiichiro Toyama would be directly involved with the rebooted entry. In addition, Akira Yamaoka would reprise his position to compose the score while Masahiro Ito to also return as a leading artist. For the latter project, it was told then to be in negotiations between Konami and Kojima Productions at the time. To further fuel this flame, another rumor surfaced which continued to feed hopes of a potential revival for the series.

Namely rumor which grabbed the most traction earlier in 2020.

Transcribed through a 4Chan post made in April, new claims emerged which told that Sony Interactive Entertainment planned to fully acquire the rights to Silent Hill. Not only that, but also Metal Gear and Castlevania to fully reboot the three franchises. At the time, the rumor did appear to hold tangible ground as it corroborated with previous reports. But vision began to blur as Konami finally stepped in.

By issuing a statement to Rely on Horror later, the publisher told that the claims made are not accurate at the slightest. While the series is not being worked on currently, Konami does elaborate that does not mean a new game could come. But there is no further comment on Konami’s behalf. And while the publisher blatantly flattens any claims made, fans continued to convince themselves a game is still on the way.

And as expected, more rumors continued to seep through the cracks similar to before and met a similar fate. However, this time it came from Hideo Kojima himself. While Konami denounced the rumors regarding the two games and its involvement, Kojima signaled down the reports of the rights for the series being acquired by the PlayStation company.

Ah, that’s completely false. I haven’t heard anything about it at least (laughs).

Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions Founder

Additionally, another rumor unearthed nearly a month later which claimed Kojima Productions reached a “cordial” relationship with Konami. Over years of discussion, Gameblog.fr disclosed the established bond between both firms would result in a potential collaboration – one with Silent Hill undertones. But again, the claims were deemed inaccurate, this time by Kojima Productions. The firm issued the reporting to be “categorically false.”

So now three times that the rumors were faced with rebuttals, it is understood that perhaps there is no chance of a Silent Hill game to appear, right? Well there are still instances of the game being presented at [insert name] online event of sorts over the past few months. And each time the game did not make an appearance. But still, many continue to remain hopeful as some suspect a final opportunity at the approaching Game Awards this month.

Howbeit, another contradicting instance occurred recently as well. In that, Keiichiro Toyama who was initially rumored to be involved with the reboot of the franchise announced to be departing from Japan Studio. He told his leaving of the Sony Interactive Entertainment developer was to form a new firm, Bokeh Game Studio. So if the refutals previously were not convincing enough, the last nail in the coffin has finally been hit.

Okura (left), Sato (center), Toyama (right) discuss ambitions which led to founding of Bokeh Game Studio.

Any chances for the Silent Hill IP of facing a return so soon is not likely as Toyama now moves on to other pastures away from Sony and more so Konami. Alongside Kojima also denouncing any involvement in the claims as learning about it when questioned, there is no doubt the rumors continue to keep its reputation as a rumor and nothing more.

While it is upsetting, for now at least, Konami did offer that the series could make a return eventually. Given that it won’t be sooner than anticipated due to the range of false claims that continue to circulate, there is the chance it will later down the road. Or even more – something in similar degree to arrive. In the announcement of forming Bokeh Game Studio, the video features nightmarish images of creatures that could come straight from a horror-like game.

Even more, there is one instance where Junji Ito did reference speaking with Hideo Kojima on a potential project partnership. While it is not set in stone, the two did discuss possible collaborations and if it does become more will certainly be one Silent Hill fans will enjoy. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you hopeful a Silent Hill game will eventually come?

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