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Electronic Arts debuts PC game streaming service at E3 2018

Today, Electronic Arts ‘unofficially’ kicked off E3 2018 with their EA Play Conference – showing off Unravel 2, Anthem, FIFA 19, Madden 19, Battlefield V‘s new Battle Royale mode, and more. One of the other announcements was ‘EA Origin Access Premier’, a new level of its Origin Access subscription service that will launch this Summer. It’ll bring launch and pre-launch access to their new games.
The games to release with the program are titles like, FIFA 19, Madden 19 on PC which has not happened in over 10 years, BioWare’s new title, Anthem and Battlefield V. Not only will it include these new releases, but it will also include access to the Origin vault. The price of Origin Access Premier will cost $15 a month and $100 a year for U.S. gamers.
It’s quite interesting to see EA do something like this with cloud game streaming. We’ve seen Sony do it with¬†PlayStation Now, and Microsoft could be showing something cloud related at their E3 2018 conference.
Will you buy into EA Origin Access Premier?
You can watch the trailer below:


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