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Electronic Super Joy Review

Posted on February 13, 2016 by Weston Terry

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Game – Electronic Super Joy
Release Date – January 20, 2016
Platform – Xbox One(Review) and PC
Developer/Publisher – Michael Todd Games/LOOT Interactive, LLC
Price – $9.99
Balancing a game between challenging and fun is usually difficult, but Electronic Super Joy found the perfect sweet spot. Older gamers remember the times when there was no save states, a few checkpoints, and even fewer lives! Electronic Super Joy does a fantastic job of making a challenge, while keeping the fun going!
Before you begin playing Electronic Super Joy, a warning is displayed on your screen. I believe that I should make sure that you know beforehand that this game is not made for children, but for adults. It states that the game contains “tons of crude language, pixelated violence and murder, sexual content” and more. So, do not buy this game for a young child.
Electronic Super Joy is a modern-day platformer, keeping the ideas of the classic style, but adding much more. The simple mechanics are welcoming to new gamers, and the gameplay teaches you as you play. However, as you continue playing, it is obvious that there is a learning curve to the game. The goal of each level is simple; the player tries to complete each level without losing a life, but have checkpoints along the path to respawn. Each World in the game contains 15 levels, which is plenty of content. More modes exist, such as “Micro-Hell” mode and a DLC pack that is already available for download. Also, for the Xbox One, there are bonus levels added into the game.
The graphics in the game directly add to the gameplay. Using the background colors and patterns, the game is able to distract the player and distort your vision. It takes something simple, such as a short jump, and turns it into a difficult task. Also, the screen can scroll faster or slower, once again changing the pace and the difficulty of the game. It is simply done, but adds a lot of fun to the gameplay.
The story for both the main campaign and “Micro-Hell Mode” is rather childish. Your character is trying to chase down a Wizard that stole your butt in the main mode, while the “Micro Hell” is about getting revenge on Satan for “farting on your dog.” Even though the story is ridiculous, it is not the main focus. The main focus, challenge, and fun comes from the actual gameplay, so ignoring the story is exactly what I did.
If you are a glutton for punishment, enjoy getting frustrated, and if you  love challenging games, then definitely pick up Electronic Super Joy. When it comes to a platformer, I have not found one as near as challenging. Make sure you have a spare controller lying around, because you may end up throwing yours through the screen.
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