Embracer Group Latest Buy Purchases Dark Horse Comics, Spotfilm Networx, Perfect World Entertainment, And More

Posted on December 21, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In the reign that continues to be Embracer Group, the THQ Nordic parent company continues to find worthy investments to further establish its presence across the globe. It was not too long before that the firm shared it will be investing in companies such as 3D Realms, Ghost Ship Games, And Splitgate Ironworks earlier on in 2021.

But in a recent press release, Embracer Group is pursuing other forms of entertainment according to its latest purchases. On Tuesday, the company shares its acquisitions of Dark Horse Comics and Spotfilm Networkx alongside DIGIC, SHiver Entertainment, and Perfect World Entertainment.

I can’t express the excitement I feel as Dark Horse moves into this new chapter in our history. The synergies that exist with the Embracer network of companies  promises exciting new opportunities not only for Dark Horse, but also for the creators and companies we work with. I’ve had a number of compelling conversations with Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors and I’m very impressed with him and what he and his team have built. I have to say, the future for our company has never looked brighter.

Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics Founder & CEO

The purchase for Dark Horse Comics comes to be the most surprising as Embracer Group has namely pursued entities within the video game industry. But now to acquire a paperback publication is interesting when understanding that the same franchises like TimeSplitters, Saints Row, Duke Nukem, and Goat Simulator are all under the same umbrella as Dark Horse Comics as well.

Recently, Dark Horse Comics announced to be entering the video game market as well. Back in June, the firm shared it will be opening Dark Horse Games and is to pursue projects with some of its intellectual properties owned by the self-named division. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by the recent purchases by Embracer Group?

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