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Epic Games To Welcome Achievement System To Epic Games Store Next Week

In regards to big shifts from Epic Games, the Fortnite company is most noted for its efforts establishing the in-house built Unreal Engine. Previously, Epic Games this summer shared that the newest iteration, Unreal Engine 5, is now set to be delivered next year in 2022. Despite the setback in release for the suite, there is a demo that users can install to sample what is possible with next tool set on the way.

Elsewhere recently, it was reported that Epic Games Store is to be migrating to other avenues. Although the Epic Games storefront is an independent client that can be installed similar to Steam, the firm is the first alongside Amazon to be coming to the Windows Store. Despite no official date for the store’s arrival, it will be available for the Windows Store in the approaching months.

Recently, Epic Games upon expanding for the Epic Games Store announced that achievements will be arriving to the storefront next week. However, it will be available for select titles when the feature launches at first, which you can read the full list below:

Alan Wake Remastered
Kena: Bridge of Spirits
Pillars of Eternity
Rocket League
Zombie Army 4: Dead War

“Games with Epic Achievements have a new Achievements detail page where you can share and track your progress,” Epic Games explains. “This page outlines all Epic Achievements available for the game, showcases your progress towards each, and highlights Epic Achievements you’re close to unlocking.

“Epic Achievements and your Achievement progress per game are now displayed in your library. You can also see all available Epic Achievements on Game Detail Pages while browsing in the store.” The firm goes on to elaborate that pre-existing achievements, ‘developers achievements’, is different since the new Epic Achievements is intertwined with the storefront.

With the new integrated system, the prior system is not removed and progress already made will remain. “If you’ve unlocked developer achievements, don’t worry — your hard work isn’t lost. If a game that previously used developer achievements integrates the new Epic Achievements system, progress carries over, and you will automatically earn account XP.”

Are you interested to see the new Achievement system coming to Epic Games Store?

Source: Epic Games

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