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Episode 4 ‘Faith’ For Life Is Strange 2 Scheduled To Release In Two Weeks

Fans of the series have adapted to the grace period between episodes for the Life is Strange franchise since the original game’s debut back in 2015 as players are left with the weight of each cliffhanger connecting to the succeeding chapter. But this current wait is close to ceasing its existence as Dontnod Entertainment has announced that the fourth episode for Life is Strange 2 will be dropping later this month.

In a post on Twitter, the developer shares that the upcoming episode will be titled’ Faith’ and is slated to release in the next two weeks.

Posting only a image, the studio details in the tweet that a full trailer for the approaching episode of the episodic sequel will be released two days prior to the episode’s launch date on August 19th. In a subtweet, the team also shares that the image displayed is “incomplete,” implying something will be added to reveal more about the forthcoming chapter later this month.

The current season of the franchise as a whole seems to hold an interesting perspective as the narrative is split between two protagonists. Though the player only plays in the shoes of Sean leading up to now, the dynamic between the two brothers elaborates more than the first game when playing as Max.

Have yet to kick off the latest season of the Life is Strange series? No problem, you can read up on our review for the first episode ‘Roads’ by going here.

Life is Strange 2 episode 4 ‘Faith’ will be available on August 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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