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ESPN Delays Airing Of Recent X Games Tournament For Apex Legends

In the midst of the current hostility pointed towards video games and their possible linkage towards the most recent tragedies that happened in the U.S. this past weekend, sports network EPSN has decided not to showcase the highlight reel from the Apex Legends’ EXP Invitation that was held at the X Games last weekend.

EPSN hosting the tournament at the same time as the annual extreme sports competition which leads up to next month’s Apex Legends’ Pre-Season Invitational, it was a surprise seeing that the network retracting to feature the battle royale from Respawn Entertainment. Alongside ABC, ESPN has revealed to not air the broadcast in respect for the victims that were taken from the recent incidents in El Paso, TX and Gilroy, CA.

This is one of the few results that have already been shown following the two shootings that recently took place in the United States: major retailer Wal-Mart has already disclosed to be removing any advertisements and demos referencing violent media such as video games as well as certain films.

Looking ahead towards what other events like such that will be hosted and casted for gaming media that includes violence, these precautions will only set back the progress made within competitive esports as well as the industry as a whole seeing the success of gaming in an ever changing world.

Although the event will not be aired on ESPN2, those interested can still watch the recap on ESPN3 as stated by an unanimous source for the event. It is also shared that the showing will be broadcasted on television at a later date, but when exactly has yet to be determined.

How do you feel about the decision ESPN has made?

Apex Legends is available for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Dexerto


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