Everything from Pokemon Direct – multiple new games in 2017

Posted on June 6, 2017 by Tieranie Albright

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Earlier today, Pokemon Direct gave us a look at the first title for the Nintendo Switch- Pokken Tournament DX. It is appearing that the Switch version of the Japanese style fighting game will feature a full roster, welcome after the limited selection of playable Pokemon in the Wii U game, and will have new fighters added. Also new to Pokken is a 3v3 team battle mode, which will be playable at E3 next week as a full eSports invitational. Pokken Tournament DX will release on September 22.
With the popularity of handheld Pokemon titles going stronger than ever, we also have an official announcement of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on Nintendo 3DS & 2DS. Launching worldwide on November 17, they will return to Alola and expand of the stories of Sun and Moon, not far off from the release of Pokemon Black and White 2. We got a peek at new forms and new Pokemon not yet seen in the current Sun and Moon titles, so it will be interesting to see what is announced at E3 and through the official Pokemon Facebook page between now and November.
Finally, Pokemon Direct’s only other news for us today was that the much beloved Pokemon Gold and Silver will be hitting the 3DS/2DS virtual console eShop the same day that Pokken Tournament DX drops for the Nintendo Switch
In all, we are seeing multiple titles released under the Pokemon name for 2017. We will see more next Tuesday during Nintendo’s conference at E3.
Pokken Tournament DX – Nintendo Switch, September 22.
Pokemon Gold and Silver – DS eShop, September 22.
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – Nintendo 3DS/2DS, November 17.

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