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EXCLUSIVE: Microsoft Studios hard at work to deliver the best experience for Scorpio, starting with 4K ReCore

Posted on April 2, 2017 by Wh1plash96

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06/01/2017 -EXCLUSIVE: Our source has been quiet since we did the original news back in April. As E3 approaches, the likelihood of leaks to happen increase dramatically. Today we can share with our readers some information regarding Project Scorpio.Within Microsoft, there have been multiple marketing plans suggesting Xbox One X is the name Xbox chose for Scorpio. Furthermore, same marketing plans suggest Microsoft has set the price for Xbox One X at $449, coming in matte black, and with more options available.
Original story: With the recent rumors of Project Scorpio suggesting an event to reveal more details about the upcoming ‘beefed up‘ Xbox One console swirling around, we can confirm this is true. Next Thursday, at 6 AM PDT / 2 PM GMT, we will be hearing more information about ‘Project Scorpio’ this coming from a trusted source. ReCore Definitive Edition is coming to Scorpio (and Xbox One) with 4K support via a patch, bumping the game from 5.6GB to 12GB, approximately. We were provided pictures showing ReCore at 4K and can confirm they look extremely detailed, exquisite and almost dreamlike.
Current Scorpio devices are already running early Redstone 3 builds, which should be announced to the public in May at Microsoft Build conference. Furthermore, the Scorpio dashboard is the same we’re currently using on Xbox One but running with the latest update – see details here.  Regarding actual games, we can confirm Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA 18 and Battlefront 2 (and more) are coming to Scorpio with 4K native resolution. Our source says the best experience is for first-party games, with ReCore being an example for Microsoft employees, and there are definitely more games getting the 4K resolution treatment this year. As Phil Spencer previously stated, virtual reality (VR) is a big part of Scorpio coming this Fall, however, the real focus for VR is going to be in 2018.
Update: Our source has shed some light regarding other titles getting 4K resolution on Project Scorpio. So far two franchises are confirmed being the critically acclaimed racing franchise Forza Motorsport / Horizon & Gears of War 4  (we’re not sure if Ultimate Edition is getting 4K support). We will be developing this news by the hour.
Rumor:  As the days go by we get new material about Project Scorpio, and today our source has presented us two potential names for Scorpio which have been considered by Microsoft.  The first is Xbox One X and the second is Xbox One Pro. Speaking of Xbox One Pro, you may associate “Pro” with PS4 Pro and yes there were some arguments from within Microsoft about that name. We also know there’s a third name being considered for Scorpio but until we’re sure what that name is we will not disclose more information.
For now, this is all we could get from our source, but be sure to stick with us for future Project Scorpio news.

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