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Posted on December 29, 2020 by Guest Post

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Choosing the right gaming headset is not as difficult as you think. Just take a look at a few basic factors, and voila! Let’s figure out how to do it.

The sound mainly depends on your taste in the game, from shooting games, racing games to simulators, and RPGs. However, what is a good gaming headset?

To make sure your money is spent correctly, we have provided a list of the top factors and answers to some of your questions.

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This article will explain how to choose the right gaming headset in a few easy steps.

Gaming Headphones vs. Headsets

The first step is to determine whether you need a gaming headset or a gaming headset.

Gaming Headphones = Normal Headphones + Separate Microphone

Gaming headphones are conventional headphones for listening to music. However, they also have great features that are tailored to the needs of gaming.

With good sonic properties, such as excellent micro-detail search, precise sound field, and immersive audio experience, it can also be used as a pair of gaming headphones.

Playing with your gaming headset with customizable settings has a lot of pros and cons.

Benefits of Headphones

Audio and Microphone Quality

Since there is a wide selection of headphones and microphones, you can pair your game setup with the latest microphones and headphones.

You can improve the overall sound and microphone quality, especially when listening to music and watching movies.

Drawbacks of Headphones

Added Hassle and Inconvenience

Setting up gaming headphones and microphones can be very inconvenient. It makes housework easier on the go.

Gaming Headsets = Headphones + Built-in Mic + Gaming Features

Compared with gaming headsets, gaming headphones are more direct. It has a built-in microphone that can be removed or hidden depending on the manufacturer.

The microphone can also have bells and whistles as noise reduction and bidirectional.

Gaming headphone features are also suitable for gaming, such as virtual surround sound, touch-sensitive buttons on the headset for instant game setup, etc.

Like gaming headphones, gaming headsets have their pros and cons.

Benefits of Headsets

Adaptable, Attractive, and Convenient

Today many gaming headsets use slim designs and pop-up microphones that look sleek and more stylish.

Today’s gaming headsets are the perfect multi-functional audio companion for gamers who do not want to spend money on a separate device.


Since you do not have to buy a microphone separately, gaming headsets can be a cheaper option.

Drawbacks of Headsets

Inferior audio quality

While things have improved in recent years, gaming headsets are by no means high-fidelity headphones.

Build Quality

However, since manufacturers have to worry about installing decent microphones and good sound in gaming headsets without drastically increasing the price, the build quality gaming headset will be lower cost than similarly priced headsets.

Spending more money on advanced options can provide better quality gaming headsets. However, this does not mean similarly priced gaming headsets will not be as good, durable, or reliable.

Determine your Platform

When buying a gaming headset, the first thing to ask is what platform you are playing on. 3.5mm headphones are almost always compatible with all consoles and computers.

Please note that the console may not support all functions as the software dependent.

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Wired or Wireless

Manufacturers are also releasing more wireless versions of their top headphones. Are wireless gaming headphones worth it?

Wireless headsets are usually connected to a base (charging), and this base station is connected to a computer or console. The connection is normally made via the 2.5 GHz frequency band or Bluetooth.

The wired headset depends on the physical connection. Typically, USB or 3.5mm connectors are used for microphones and headphones.

Plug in the headphones and start playing.

Wired headphones are usually much lighter than wireless headphones.

Depends on the length of the cord.

Cables wear out over time.

Choose a Comfortable Headset

Therefore, the headphones must work well and are also comfortable to wear for a long time. You can include certain elements in your decision.


When choosing the right headphones, one of the most important factors is the headband of the headphones. The headphones’ weight is supported by the headband.

So, it must be sturdy and adjustable enough to avoid pressure on the ears or the top of the head. The hallmark of a good headset is that you will not feel you are wearing it.


When choosing a headset, there are three points to consider about the headset: shape, material, and open or closed design. For players with large heads and prominent ears, larger oval ears over the ears are a good choice.


The advantage of fabric headphones is that they are more breathable. The leather upholstery is better insulated and wears more slowly.

In the more expensive models, the headphones are usually filled with memory foam to fit perfectly around the head.


There are several varieties, from very bulky plastic headphones with an eye-catching design to minimalist headphones with light touches of aluminum.

For the lighter models, it generally feels like the contents of the bag are deeper. Still, this investment is worth considering depending on how long you are wearing it.

Sound Reproduction

It seems like you are big in the trenches with gaming headphones, but how do you know without listening to gaming headphones to get good sound?


Stereo headphones can pick up relatively easily by distributing the sound into 2 audio channels. In 99% of cases, stereo headphones have a straight 3.5mm jack.

The 3.5mm jack makes these headphones suitable for all consoles and platforms.

There is no sound or sign from where your opponent is coming from, so your reaction speed is slower.

Virtual Surround Sound

Surround sound gives you a real sense of spaciousness and alerts you at what angle your opponent will enter.

You can switch to the required audio settings for each game using the software.

Communicate with your team

Of course, you can also use gaming headsets to communicate clearly with your friends and teammates. So, the following features are almost essential:

Noise-canceling function: You can keep your voice loud and clear, but your teammates will not get anything from the scattered mechanical buttons.

Mute function: With the button on the headphones or by lifting the microphone, you can mute the microphone, such as answering a call or having a real conversation.


Be careful not to ignore these facts when looking at product specifications. Instead, think carefully and consider the above factors.

Hopefully, this will help you know exactly what to look for in a gaming headset.

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